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Spring Sorbet Shades

With spring finally here it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your look and inject some colour into your home. ‘Sorbet Shades’ is one spring trend that can be easily incorporated into any room. These subtle yet colourful tones create perfect contrast options to help to liven up your home. Our motto is ‘don’t fear colour – embrace it!’

Here are our top tips for perfectly layering these statement colours in your room…..

Having a neutral toned sofa is a great opportunity to experiment with colour. Try dressing your sofa with sky blues, candy pinks or vibrant yellow scatter cushions to give it a cheery makeover which doesn’t break the bank. A contrasting throw is an inexpensive way to play with colour and adding these extra pops of colour will give your room a new lease of life.

Seasonal daffodils are a simple and inexpensive way to bring sorbet colours into your home. These dainty yellow flowers are bound to brighten up a room, symbolising rebirth and new beginnings, synonymous with spring. Presented in your favourite jug they are the perfect finishing touch for this time of year.

Statement pieces that are a focal point, can also help create depth in a room – try a stylish arrangement of different coloured picture frames, painted doors or wall hangings to embrace the latest design trends and bring your personality into your home.

If you’re feeling a bit braver, painting your skirting boards can add a sense of whimsy to your home. Or if you were feeling a bit creative, you could always try your hand at upcycling and refreshing an old piece of furniture by painting it in the latest sorbet shades.

Have a look at our Pinterest board to find more ideas on how to give your home a boost of colour this spring.”

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