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Tickled Pink

Pink isn’t just a colour used to adorn little girls’ bedrooms; it’s a hue that can evoke a sense of passion, cheer and sophistication. There are many ways that pink can be incorporated into an adult living space without appearing too girly or childish.

Softer, dreamy pink hues can be used as neutral bases, in the same way that creams or beiges are so often featured. Layer with tones of taupe, purple or black for a polished look, or if you want to add something unexpected, then feature it with green and blue hues. Using shades of the same tone creates a harmonious feel, so featuring a footstool or small sofa in a darker pink, such as Waffle Rose, will work really well with this decorating scheme.

If you prefer a deeper lush tone, then orchid pink is for you. Highly seductive, this shade comes from the purple end of the pink scale, and so works well with mauve, violet and deep, almost black aubergine. It has a wild, romantic quality and can make quite a statement when used in a living room. If it’s going to be used on the walls, then the rest of the decor should be kept quite neutral and feature pale minks and creams. Off-white distressed furniture will keep the room looking fresh, and a fluffy cream rug will enhance the luxe feel.

Whatever the shade of pink used, accessorising with warm metallic tones will enhance your living space and reflect light, making it feel elegant and delicate. Copper, brass and rose gold all work here, so feature these with large branch-filled floor vases, glass top tables and photo frames.

We recently published our Rose Delight Pinterest board, which is filled with pink inspiration. Head over to our page to take a look.

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